I figured since I was committing to not giving up on blogging completely I better get something up quick to prove it. While driving home from work today I was curious to see what Burke's trading habits have been like since he's joined the Leafs. I found that 58% of his trades have occurred during the months of the season.

His tendency has been towards dealing in March, but with a February deadline this year of course that will be moved up. His earliest "big move" were the Phaneuf/Giguere deals on January 31st and his latest "big move" was the Kaberle deal on February 18th. Again timelines could be moved up with the earlier deadline, but it doesn't appear that we should be on a Leafs trade watch yet.

Interesting is Burke's tendency to make deals on Wednesday, and despite the high numbers on Saturday he has not made an in season deal on that day of the week, so enjoy yourself. Tuesday would be the second most popular day after Wednesday, but these are the days that the Trade Deadline has fallen on in the past couple of seasons as well (though removing that factor these are still his favourite days for dealing.)

Burke has only given up two draft picks in season. Once for Chris Peluso (when laundering a pick from the Skoula trade) and again earlier this season for Steckel. Of course the Leafs have been sellers in each of Burke's seasons so the fact that he has dealt a pick this season already could be most telling.

Burke has dealt with the Ducks 9 times since joining the Leafs (some of this small draft day deals.) Other teams he has dealt with multiple times are the Blackhawks (3), Lightning (3), Rangers (2), Bruins (2), Flames (2), Devils (2).

All of this data was gathered from ProSportsTransactions.com a handy little site for dissecting Burke's patterns.

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