Dusting Off The Old Site

Hello again! After a rather quiet exit from Puckin' Eh I have returned to my old Blogspot page to continue blogging. I came to this decision because I was no longer interested in trying to maintain a regular journal of my thoughts on the Leafs and would prefer to just throw up the occasional post when I really feel compelled to write something. Lately I haven't felt the need to say anything hence a month long absence from twitter and close to a two month absence from blogging.

The former doesn't really seem fair to Bloguin who are hosting Puckin' Eh and were relying on me for their Leafs coverage. With so many talented Leaf bloggers out there who could benefit from jumping on their network I figured the right call was to let them know I would no longer be maintaining my site.
For anyone who is interested in blogging about the Leafs over at Bloguin I highly recommend it. Their partnership with Yardbarker/Foxsports will regularly get your material on FoxSports website and it is a chance for you to play off the success of other blogs on their network like Days of Y'orr, The Royal Half, The Pens Blog, etc. The maintenance of the network is top notch, and Ben seems to always be available if you have any questions. In short, if you regularly blog about the Leafs and you're sitting on Tumblr, Blogspot, or Wordpress consider making the jump.

As for me I'm happy to be back here where I can post once a month or less and not feel guilty about it. It also gives me a chance to change up what I was doing. Before whenever something Leafs related happened I felt I had to write about it and sometimes it hard to come up with 500 words on Darryl Boyce being recalled from the Marlies. I also feel that I was creating redundancy in what I was saying. After you've read something at Pension Plan Puppets, The Leafs Nation, and Maple Leafs Hot Stove are you really going to scour the rest of the blogosphere for an admittedly second rate post on the same topic? Probably not, also they have more talented writers on those sites so at best I would be beating a dead horse and doing so in a less interesting, less grammatically correct fashion.

So what else is changing here? Essentially my attitude to blogging. Before I was overly concerned about how many people were reading and enjoying my work. While I still hope that some people will find this blog enjoyable, I'm doing this more about me wanting write than trying to build this into more than it is. So I'm going with no ads, no Google analytics, no attempts make this into a Leafs news site. In fact while the content will always be hockey related it's likely some non-Leafs content will appear from time to time. I'm going back to basics to make this an enjoyable hobby for me rather than a second job like it was turning into. Hopefully that will result in one or two interesting posts a month, which at best was all I was churning out before anyway, it's just they won't be buried under game recaps, Marlie recalls, and the numerous other posts I would throw up that no one would read.

If Google Analytics has taught me anything, it's when I put actual thought and time into reviewing a player that I create a product you want to read. That or quick photoshops, HFBoards videos or trade rumour analysis. So the focus going forward will be on quality rather than quantity. Though I'll warn you that my grammar will never be stellar and I'm not much of a proof reader.

So ends my rambling first post of the reborn Yakov Mironov blog, I hope to be back soon with an actual post about hockey. Thanks to everyone who read my work over at Puckin' Eh. 

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jcg said...

Sounds fair; welcome home