We Are Pleased To Introduce... Two Stripes and A Patch!

WARNING: Easily the least inspired Blog Post Ever!

Seriously, I've missed you stripes! The patch, I could take or leave, but then you give us drawstrings, BONUS! There is no doubt in my mind, my next stop will be the NHL Store so I can order my next Leafs jersey (I can't decide between Gustavsson, Orr, or Schenn), but the real thrill is that the Leafs will once again have a captain, and that feels like another step towards being normal. I mean, when we win the cup next year, someone needs to be called up by Bettman.

Phaneuf as captain makes a lot of sense, he's a symbol of what went right for the Leafs in the second half of the season. He was a part of a very successful Calgary team back in his early days. He's been a Calder Candidate, He's been a Norris Candidate, an All-star, and he's still young. No one else on the team other than possibly Komisarek could have a case made for them, and Phaneuf's impact was much greater. Komisarek will have an A stitched into his jersey next season, and rightfully so. His style seems much more laid back, and will compliment Phaneuf nicely. I think Beauchemin should lose his 'A' in order to focus on getting his defensive game back, but I'm not disputing that he his a great team guy. The other leadership position belongs to a forward to be named later. I wouldn't throw Kessel into this kind of pressure, but I think whoever is acquired over the summer will probably be the answer.

I've held off this post about Phaneuf as Captain for a long time, because I'm not overly opinionated on this issue, I just know I'd prefer the Leafs have a captain, and I'm glad it's not Giguere.

Now as a tribute to the last defenseman to captain the Leafs, please enjoy Rob Ramage punching Mike Milbury in the face.

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Curt S said...

Couldn't agree more. Without those glorious two stripes, the jerseys looked like practice sweaters.

Also, love the lace up in the front.

Can't wait to get my 2010/11 Leafs Kovalchuk jersey! What? A guy can dream!