Kaberle Trade Speculation Part 2: The Northwest

You know, the more I think about it, as stupid as Steve Simmons Kaberle to Columbus rumour is, at least it’s Toronto’s media not running down a player’s value. I am waiting for the unsilent majority to start shouting from the roof tops he’s worth a salary dump and a third round pick. Now a quick look at the Northwest Division (North Smythe). If I were to pick one division that Kaberle won’t wind up in. This is it.

Calgary Flames: Can’t help but think the Flames have enough ex-Leafs on their team. I also think they’re not going to be spending too much on defense other than re-signing Ian White. Darryl Sutter has promised an interesting summer to the Flames, so if through the process of blowing it all up, he needs a defenseman, he probably won’t hesitate to call Burke.

Colorado Avalanche: Yeah, they could use a defenseman, but I think until Liles is moved they aren’t in any rush to pick up a guy like Kaberle. Clearly Kaberle is better in every way to Liles, but I think they will be looking for players with more of a two way game (Beauchemin?).

Edmonton Oilers: I’m still in the mindset that Burke and Lowe won’t deal between their two teams. I also watch a fair bit of the Oilers since I’m located North of Edmonton, and it is more defensively minded players that the Oilers should be after. I am looking forward to Edmonton’s late September waiver wire dumps, when Leafs can acquire Nilsson, and O’Sullivan for nothing anyway. (yes I know they are garbage)

Minnesota Wild: Eep, no. Zidlicky, Barker, Burns, me thinks they’ll take a pass on Kaberle. They could wind up with the smoothest skating defense in the league, but they’d be knocked off the puck constantly. Sorry Bouchard, you’ll have to wait a little while longer to become a Leaf.

Vancouver Canucks: I could make a strong case for Kaberle to Vancouver last year, but with Ehrhoff having the season he did, and Salo, Edler, and Bieksa being capable offensively, I don’t see the point. If Mitchell checks out, Vancouver could be interested in Komisarek or Beauchemin, but not Kaberle.

UPDATE: After writing this sometime this morning, Burke has done a press conference confirming two legit offers on Kaberle. Also Lidstrom has re-signed for another year in Detroit which will effect the next post.

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