Halak Inspired Trade Speculation

I’m really going to beat up the Leafs defense here. Don’t blame me, blame Darren Dreger. You can’t publish that there are 8 teams waiting to make an offer on Kaberle without some kind of fall out. I’m not going to lie, I think my IQ dropped a few points once I saw the quality of prospect that St. Louis was able to acquire for Halak. (no longer HAHAHAlak, he’s not on the Habs so I’ll admit he’s a good goalie) Lars Eller is a very good prospect, and could really be an impact player this season in Montreal. So he was offered up in a quiet pursuit, that everyone had ignored, what’s going to be in those 8 offers to the Leafs.

I’m not going to speculate on that, but much like when Rob Blake retired, I think this will increase Kaberle’s value. It’s a weak free agent market, and teams will have to pay the price in trades if they want to see results immediately. This Halak deal will probably ignite the Cody Hodgson and a first group of Leafs fans, as based on this deal it’s assumed prospects are going to be thrown around. I disagree with that. I still think Kaberle is going to be a true Hockey trade, where both teams should wind up with a piece they need. With increasing confidence I’m sure that Burke won’t be calling out a name from the podium next Friday night.

So, back to those 8 deals. If there are any other interesting offers other than the one Burke takes, should he shop Beauchemin to take one of those other deals. I’m not saying the deal would be straight up the same as Kaberle would receive, but it’s an interesting starting point, and leaves the Leafs a chance to find a defenseman on July 1st. Arguably the defense UFA pool is deeper than the forwards.

A last thought before I go back to eating Robaxacet like their candy (my back has been out for 3 days). How badly are the Leafs wanting a young up and coming forward? I’ve given this a fair bit of thought as I watch more and more teams become publicly interested in Patrick Sharp and Bobby Ryan. I’m not at the point yet where I’m saying trade Schenn or Kadri, but I’ve started thinking about what a package of Gunnarsson and Stalberg is worth. These are both players I would want to see stay on the Leafs, but if the right package came a long, I starting to see them as a little more expendable. I don’t want to go any further than that with it, but if there truly is a push to win now, could you live with them heading out the door?

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The Muppet said...

Yes. Every Toronto Maple Leaf can and could be traded as far as I'm concerned.

At this point in the Leafs growth curve, no Leaf fans should get too attached to anybody.

Ya, sure, it would be disappointing to never see Kadri grow into a star on the Leafs but if we suddenly had Datzyuk on the team I think we would get over it...