Toronto's All UFA Team

There seem to be a number of former Leafs still readily available in Free Agency at this point, truly the hallmark of a great organization. In fact I had no difficulty filling out a roster. If the league were to announce a new team in Toronto tomorrow they could build the team entirely on reruns. Of course the goaltending is awful, but that gives it much more a former Leaf feel, though at least the two aren't bound for the Italian Elite League.

Antropov Grabovski Ponikarovsky Kaberle White Rynnas
Sullivan Wellwood Boyes Colaiacovo Gill Owuya
Lombardi Connolly Armstrong O'Byrne Kostka
Brent Steckel Mayers

Playoff Push

Since it's deadline day here's a quick look at how teams will need to finish the season in order to qualify for the playoffs.

In the Eastern Conference it is assumed that it will take 52 points to get in (unless you're in the Southeast) and in the West you'll need 54 points.

Pittsburgh and Chicago already have enough points to be considered playoff locks, and as of last night it is impossible for the Avs to make it in (and they haven't started selling yet.)

The table shows the current games played and points earned, followed by games remaining and points required to reach the playoffs, the final three columns are the minimum wins, maximum losses, and possible loser points required to make the playoffs.

The teams highlighted in yellow are most likely to qualify for the playoffs.

Pre-Deadline Draft Pick Ownership UPDATED

The table is now updated to include the Jagr, Roy, and Bergeron trades

The above table shows the current draft pick ownership and what order the teams would draft in (not accounting for the lottery and playoff results.) Blank squares represent the original team retaining ownership.

The Leafs currently hold 7 picks in the draft. The 4th round pick was lost because Lombardi played over 60 games as a Leaf, and the Leafs have an additional conditional 6th round pick acquired in the Lupul deal (converted to 6th round because Lupul cannot reach 40 games in the 2012-13 season.)